Northwestern Ontario’s 4 Season Playground Awaits You in Rainy River, Ontario!

Spring, Summer, & Fall


The Rainy River offers some of the best fishing around. A hot spot for Walleye and Northern Pike, this natural fishery never disappoints. For boat launch information & general information please visit:


With Rainy River’s location the area provides a mix of northern, southern, and prairie environments; there is no other natural setting that mixes many habitats for a variety of species, this area is truly unique for an ultimate birding experience! For mor information please visit:

Canoeing & Hiking

Attention avid nature enthousiest, the waterways of the Rainy River district provide an excellent experience to enjoy the beauty of Northwestern Ontario, weather by water or by foot, there is so much to enjoy! Hunting: The abundant wilderness that surrounds Rainy River and Lake of the Woods provides excellent hunting grounds for Deer, Moose, and waterfowl. For more information please visit:


The Spruce Creek Golf Course is located only 45 KM’s away from Rainy River, with Northwestern Ontario as a back drop, this course will not disappoint.




Northwestern Ontario is a snowmobiliers dream. Gorgeous scenery and groomed trails await you along the Rainy River. For more information please visit:

Ice Fishing

The Rainy River has long been renowned for it’s excellent ice fishing! Wether your fishing for Walleye or Pike, a plentiful catch is an (almost) sure thing on this river! For more information please visit: